Meet The Coach

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Dina Legland


For over 32 years, Dina Legland has been a wife and mother of two successful daughters all while acting as a licensed RN, EMT, and home care health provider.

As a first responder, she exemplifies strength and courage as she thinks on her feet. Within her internal fears, her response time wasn’t always that way. It all changed when Dina faced a cancer diagnosis.

As someone with cancer, she discovered other intense fears she hadn’t conquered yet. How these other anxieties impact our fear of the disease and how we make decisions to handle it can feel equally as incapacitating both physically and emotionally as those internal anxieties.

Living consistently with our fears can feel like it’s “sucking the life out of us”, removing the joy from our daily existence, and possibly cause physical symptoms we aren’t noticing making us more vulnerable to disease.

Now Dina is certified in health and life transformation to help women face their greatest fear to gain clarity around its source to overcome worries that feel toxic like cancer.

Cancer saved her life by helping her discover the underlying fear that paralyzed her. Today, she has great strength and response time for herself and her mission is to help others overcome the fears that feel toxic like cancer to live an abundant life.

My Why

In 2010, I lost my grandmother and mother to cancer, magnifying the fear of inheriting the same fate.

To maximize my health, I’d lost 110 pounds by 2011, implementing healthy nutrition and
physical activity to prevent getting cancer myself.

Then in 2016, I received that fatal phone call that I’d dreaded, telling me I had an aggressive form of breast cancer.

At this moment, I realized I wasn’t afraid of dying. The fear was always about what I had to do to LIVE. My fear felt more toxic than cancer and sucked the life out of me!

That’s when I began to uncover what kept me trapped by the fear and necessity of creating the vital steps to release myself from it.

As someone with cancer, I soon recognized other intense fears that might not have been addressed yet. Fear can be a constant inhibiter to our daily decision-making process around what feels out of control and causes discomfort.

Uncovering what we fear most and gaining clarity around its source is the key element in my four-stage formula to overcome fears that feel toxic like cancer to live an abundant life.

Conquering the fear, that feeling of no control and discomfort, may initially feel like we’re grieving for a part of us that’s dying so we can live the plentiful, complete life we deserve.

The Mission

Dina’s battle with cancer and her victory of remission led her to become a fierce warrior.

She developed the key strategies she used that created the abundant life she now has to help others conquer their uncontrollable fear.

Her mission to help women become the warrior they are meant to be by implementing these key strategies to regain confidence, more control, and the victorious life they desire in less time.