Breast Connection

"The Breast Connection: Prevention + Healing"

When was the last time you thought about your breast health?

Your breasts are not only a central part of being a woman, they represent self-love, nurturing, and connection.

Rather than waiting to tend to your breast health after being diagnosed with a variety of conditions like breast cancer, mastitis, cysts, or fibrocystic breast disease, instead you can educate and empower yourself around breast care in a comprehensive way with an amazing community of women from all over the world.

Join us Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 7pm - 8pm EST on Zoom

Breast Connection Founders

We are "The Breast Connection: Prevention + Healing" Community
and we believe that we HEAL and THRIVE together.

With our combined professional expertise and first-hand personal experience, we bring  compassionate presence, cutting-edge knowledge, support, and heartfelt connection to you through monthly Zoom events on the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month right from the comfort of your home.

Get inspired, build connection, and feel nourished at profound levels in this global community of women.

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We look forward to you joining our community!

Much love,

Dina, Lisa, Anne & Eryn

Join us Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 7pm - 8pm EST on Zoom